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Weight-Loss Surgery — The 7 Step Process

Congratulations on your decision to investigate the possibility of weight-loss surgery. You have taken the first step to improve your health and change your life through bariatric surgery.

If you are looking for our weight control services, requirements for weight-loss surgery or more weight-loss surgery information, please visit our weight-loss services page.

Below, we have outlined the steps to getting weight-loss surgery at our program and as you read on, we will provide you with more details about each step:

Step 1 – Attend an educational seminar
Step 2 — Verify and review insurance benefits *This step pertains only to insured patients*
Step 3 — Receive phone call to discuss next steps
Step 4 — Complete pre-weight-loss surgery requirements
Step 5 — Last consultation and scheduling surgery
Step 6 — Surgery completed at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center
Step 7 — Post-operative follow-up care